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.... It's basically a circumstance trying ta hold you down.
And those obstacles can take many forms. These are a few of mine.

Friday, December 9, 2011



No two words are more powerful in the human language than “I AM.”

In Exodus, God told Moses to inform the Egyptians that they needed to set His chosen people, the Israelites free from enslavement. Moses asked God, “What if the Pharoah asks who sent me, what should I tell him?”
And God replied, “Tell them I AM THAT I AM sent you”.

One, it shows God’s sense of humor. But there’s something more important here.
God knew who He was. He didn’t need a name. And He felt no need to justify Himself to anyone. He is everything. He just IS. Omnipresent. Omnipotent. Creator of the Universe.

God never questions who He is. He knows who He is. He knows that all it takes is a command, an utterance, and the universe obeys. And He always says afterward,"it is good", or "I am pleased."

Supernatural things happen. The earth gets formed in seven days. A little spit, a little dirt, the breath from God, and voila!, you have Adam. An utterance that originates from Him (sometimes by way of messenger), makes seas part, the walls of Jericho fall, makes bushes burn but not be consumed, makes fig trees whither and die…people are healed, the dead come back to life.

God knows who He is. Jesus knew who his Father was. Because he gave his complete submission and total faith in God, Jesus was able to work miracles. Jesus showed us that it wasn’t by his doing, but by his Father, that miracles are possible.

Because we were created from God, and have His breath in us, and are His children, we have these abilities like Jesus and like God. Made in his image. A scaled down mini version of the Creator. Father and his children. We are creators too, we create all the time, whether we are conscious of it or not. If we submit to God’s will and have complete and total trust in him, we too can work miracles.

We have to remember who’s we are. And how valuable we are.


I am God’s child. I am worthy. I am loved.

God didn’t say, I think. I want. I could be. I should have. I don’t know, what if.

God lives in complete knowing and expectation that what He says will be. Jesus taught us to live in complete faith and not doubt. These are the examples we should follow.

So instead of uttering the daily foolish words in our lives that don’t show our faith, we need to use more faith filled words.

Words like "I AM".

When we pray we should give Him respect and praise, confess our sins, ask for help for others and ourselves, and give thanks.
If you can conceive it, ask for it, and believe it, you can achieve it. Get into expectation. And give thanks when you achieve it.

Whether you focus on something you don’t want, or something you do want. God always knows what you need.

If you don’t want it, and your attention is concentrated on it, you will call it forth because there is a lesson to be learned. Your Spirit wants to experience what you think you do not want so it can prove to you that you can accomplish it and grow in faith. Your Spirit comes from God and is His pure love. It already knows the path to God. It wants YOU to know it, too.

If you do want something, there is a difference between wanting and expectation. Wanting will produce a perpetual state of wanting. Expectation is faith and will produce results.

The best way to practice living in expectation is to utter words of faith, like I AM.

When you know who you are, and who’s you are, God knows who you are. You are always a child of God, but when you recognize your value, and you speak words of faith, and you believe He will be good to you, God is pleased.

I can know all of this as my Truth. But I have to practice it consistently for me to get consistent results.
When I have half assed prayer, and half assed faith, I get half assed results. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Some days are good, some are bad. Some prayers are answered, and some aren’t, or I’m told to wait.

Sometimes I get I want, instead of I am. Sometimes I get I don’t want, when I mean to say I AM.
Even when I can’t fully believe in what I want or who I am, I try to reach for what Shayla calls, “hope statements”.

For example, if I can’t believe my house will be saved, I can at least say I hope my house will be saved. And that helps me, until I can truly believe it can be saved, as I do know.

Not only do I believe it can be saved, I know it will be saved. It is already saved. Not only is it saved, it’s prosperous and growing in equity. Not only is it prosperous and growing in equity, it is already paid off. Thank you Lord for bringing the resources to me to live in abundance.

See? That’s how it works.


I bring all this up to remind myself that the reason I long, I ache, I worry, I get angry, I get frustrated, I feel alone, I get upset, I get sad, I blame, I live in guilt, I don’t understand, I obsess, I cry, and any other variety of bad feelings I feel is simply because I am not living in expectation. Asking over and over again is not living in expectation. Worry and doubt is not living in expectation.

I need to be consistently where my Spirit is. In joy, peace, love, truth, appreciation. The more I can stay there, the happier I will be.

When I receive thoughts that contradict that, then I know I am not acknowledging where my Spirit wants to be.

And I get dis-ease. Dis-comfort. Dis-repair. Dis-appointment. Dis-respect. Dis-caring. Dis-trust.

Even when I receive these negative experiences, it’s all on how you look at it. You can easily change your perspective and pivot out of it. Just replace it with a new thought you can believe.

In every situation, I can either get in agreement with it, or use it as a teaching growth tool and still be in appreciation for the experience.

God never leaves us. He is always there. So, if you are in a situation where you feel like you can’t hear or feel Him, then you know you are in a place that you shouldn’t be. You feel alone. You feel isolated. You are in judgment of it. You are in anger of it. Even anger is an expression of love on some level, because you gave your trust and love and you feel betrayed, thus eliciting an anger response. It’s just another version of love.

 Focusing on the negative aspect of it instead of it’s positive.

There are two sides to every story.
Choose which side you wish to focus on and that will be your experience.

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