THE MAN is anything blocking the way of your destiny.
.... It's basically a circumstance trying ta hold you down.
And those obstacles can take many forms. These are a few of mine.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Be Fishers of Men

As a Black woman, I am always hearing about how there is this shortage of good Black men out here. And how the ratio is 12 women to 1 man, and how the odds are stacked against me against finding a good guy (regardless of color, but especially Black men).

You know what? I haven't experienced this at all!

I really think it's all based on how you view your situation. 

You can sit there being pessimistic and looking at it in scarcity.
Or you can look at it in abundance. That you have more than enough to pick from, and you want to choose the best guy for the position.

I really think it's all about your ENERGY.

If you are moping around, feeling insecure, and thinking of "a lack", then you get a lack. Men come up to you and you ignore them. They look your way and you turn your face.

Dating is all about meeting people and having new experiences. It doesn't have to lead to sex or marriage. After all, how will you know until you really spend time with them and hear what they are talking about?

Keep your legs closed until you are ready and feel it's right. 

But learn how to flirt. Learn how to FISH.

Dating is very much like fishing. It's all on the equipment you use.

If dating were a scale, men use the wide net method. They cast their net to all, and everyone starts at zero. They scoop them up. They only keep the good fish. Until they catch the big one that is worth the most points. And then, they lock it down and proudly display it as their trophy. You have to earn points with men.

Women use the fishing pole method. They keep their eye on the prize from the beginning. They don't even want to know or see any other types of fish. They start at 100 on the scale. Every fish they catch, they think, is he Mr. Right? They deduct points after they've held on to a fish awhile, before realizing he stinks and throws him back. After a while, the day wears on... they get tired... Then they just hope that anything decent they catch is worth keeping. They dress up a junkfish like he's mahi mahi. You have to lose points with women.

My advice to you is to think and live in abundance. Switch up your game play. If you believe there's no good men, you will get no good men. If you believe there is an abundance of good men, you will get plenty, and you can pick and choose the best catch.

Think Jesus....
Be fishers of men, LOL!!!!

And for goodness sake. Never steal another woman's catch. Trust me.... he's a barnacle. If ya gotta have him... at least wait until she throws him back.


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