THE MAN is anything blocking the way of your destiny.
.... It's basically a circumstance trying ta hold you down.
And those obstacles can take many forms. These are a few of mine.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Black Friday Deals

With all the deeply discounted offers out there right now, this is a public service announcement to not mark yourself below MSRP.

Good women are like a Ferrari. We’ve got this killer engine of a heart of gold.

But we keep trying to sell our Ferrari at CarMax to men who can only afford Camry’s.

Stop telling these men you are marked down. Stop telling them you are getting a good deal, and you are fuel efficient and economical.

Yes, you might be a great little car, but stop selling yourself short.

Stop dressing like a Camry.

Sure, plenty of men purchase Camry’s.
But they dream about driving Ferrari’s.

When he comes to the lot, he doesn’t haggle a Ferrari dealer. He either has what it takes to drive one, or he doesn’t.

If he wants one bad enough, he will hunt for the perfect one.

Some of these women look like Ferrari’s. And they cost as much. But they have Hyundai engines once you get them home. They are lemons.

If you are a Ferrari, be a damn Ferrari and market your good qualities accordingly.

If you try to sell a Ferrari at a cheap used car lot, people will kick your tires, look under your hood and say, “What’s wrong with her? Why is this Ferrari here? It can’t be real, why is it so cheap? How many miles does she have on her? Is she broken? I think I see some flaws, I think I’m gonna get the Camry.”

And no matter how high quality and good that Ferrari is, no matter how cheap you try to sell that car, no one will buy it. Because they know that a real Ferrari doesn’t belong there.

A real Ferrari can only be bought full price at a Ferrari dealer. It’s rare and priceless.



  1. I like that why would you go looking for a ferrari at CarMax. Never put a hundred thousand dollar car on a $40,000 car lot. Just like the guy who put a new car in the newspaper want ads, no one wanted to buy it until one guy just wanted to see if it was real. Well keep the Ferraris where they belong out the discount lots. No one shopping at the discount car lot can afford the maintenance on that thang hanging around there, even if you sell it for $20,000 just the oil change alone is going to set that man in the poor house. So ladies stop trying to put yourselves in the hands of a man who don't won't to try and keep you up. You'll go from sugar to sh** real quick.

  2. I agree. This post is less about men having money and more about knowing your worth as a loving woman, and being willing to market those assets, not just your exterior ones.We shouldn't get mad with a man if we are selling ourselves short and settling for mistreatment. Let the man put a little energy in courting you. If you lose him, he wasn't worth keeping!