THE MAN is anything blocking the way of your destiny.
.... It's basically a circumstance trying ta hold you down.
And those obstacles can take many forms. These are a few of mine.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

What Would You Like to Happen?

Some of us are so focused in what we do not want to happen, that we tell it on an incessant basis. All day... 24 hours a day...we talk and we talk.. about how bad things are... about how bad they will be in the future...how no one understands or sees the problem but us...and how we are so alone... and we persuade others to agree and see this negative viewpoint, and co-sign on how dismal it is...

We pray and we speak. But we do not listen, and we do not receive and allow.

And these thoughts radiate out... and they are so dense that matter forms around them... clinging together... making whatever you have said manifest into your physical reality.

And we get attacked and we don't understand why. On a biological level, we get dis-ease. On an emotional level we get dis-interest. On a spiritual level we get dis-connected from who we are and God. 

Today, I would encourage you all to think and tell the story of WHAT YOU DO WANT. 

For some, the concept is so foriegn and seems so far fetched because we have spent so much time in worry. Maybe you simply can't fathom the idea that an act as simple as this could change the world. Could change  YOUR WORLD.... not to mention the world around you locally and globally. 

Instead of speaking fear, speak life and faith into a situation. 

Instead of I am, we are, they are unprepared... speak seeds of growth: I am, they are, we are everywhere we need to be right now, and I fully know when the time comes I will, they will, we will have everything I need to be triumphant.

Instead of I am, we are, they are not safe... speak life: I am, they are, we are always safe. We are now recieving the messages we need for protection. I have, they have, we have divine protection on our side, it is in our DNA and we will always have it.

Instead of the world is, the powers are, the people are asleep, ignorant, evil, mislead.... recognize that we are all interconnected and speak love into that situation. I am them. They are me. We are one. I can give. I can receive. I can learn. I can grow. They can grow. 

Right now, you have everything you need in place. You always have. No more, no less. 
I would encourage you today to activate that faith within, and be the change you seek.


  1. Tray, I need your wisdom and insight. I've heard you are the ATL's Dr. PhilGud! I am in a sexless marriage. Should I speak, "I am going to get some soon"?

  2. LOL. I'm no Dr. Phil, but I will say the first step to having a good marriage is communication and respect. Instead of focusing on how bad it is, focus on how you two can make it better. Go rent Fireproof! LOL