THE MAN is anything blocking the way of your destiny.
.... It's basically a circumstance trying ta hold you down.
And those obstacles can take many forms. These are a few of mine.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Enjoy Your Own Company

At some point, you have to accept who you are, your faults and your strengths, and learn to enjoy your own company. It's pretty hard to ask someone else to enjoy you, if you don't enjoy you. 

And there will be times in life you are alone, with no one to entertain you, or speak to you. 

So, you'd better get used to making yourself happy.

I find myself telling myself jokes all the time. Or talking and laughing out loud when I'm alone. I read something outrageous, and I blurt out, OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Sometimes I mess up, and I just say, You know what, I am so sick of you jacking up today, you are really getting on my nerves... I usually reply back, YOU ARE NO PICNIC IN THE PARK EITHER, SISTER!!!


Sometimes I even pretend there is a fourth wall, where there is a narrative and an audience watching me. I sing in my thumb like I'm in a music video or concert. 

These are my little idiosyncrasies that make Tray TRAY.  I've grown to love them. And because I do, I'm sure others will, too.

I have this little theory about it.

I am like chocolate ice cream.

Chocolate ice cream is amazing. But not everyone loves chocolate ice cream. A man who loves it will travel miles for it. Their favorite store is a best kept secret, and they can’t believe no one has ever felt the same as they do. They would eat it everyday if they could. I believe you must find someone who loves you, as you are. Chocolate should not feel ashamed that they are not strawberry. Or try to be Neapolitan because your man likes several flavors. Just be the perfect chocolate that you are. And a chocoholic will find you.

I am chocolate ice cream. And not just a small pint, I am a half gallon, complete with kids cones. The kind that needs a strong constitution and a big spoon that can savor and cherish what I have to offer. A man so daring, he puts in extra fudge, and crushed Oreos, and chocolate chips. A Ben and Jerry’s kinda man. With his own Death by Chocolate recipe. 

If I am your friend, I will love you all day long with chocolate goodness. I feel the same about you, whatever flavor you are. I never really stop loving you, even when you decide you've had your fill. I figure you're human. You've had too much of a good thing. You will be back one day, or you will remember me and my sweetness.

For those who don't like me, I figure they are just lactose intolerant. Tried it a few times, but it wasn't a good fit. Got the runs and a stomachache. Some love the flavor, but it's too intense for their palette. After all chocolate ice cream isn't for everybody. No one can tell him otherwise, it is something he has to learn himself. And there are some flavors I just don't agree with.

But I will tell you this, I will not remove the cream and become soy just because a person is lactose intolerant. 

After all...I am chocolate ice cream.


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