THE MAN is anything blocking the way of your destiny.
.... It's basically a circumstance trying ta hold you down.
And those obstacles can take many forms. These are a few of mine.

Monday, December 20, 2010

What's Wrong with Needing Each Other?

I really think we as Black women do a lot of giving, but are poor receivers.
And then when we give, we are disappointed, and ultimately grow resentful if it is not given back to us in the same manner in which it was delivered.

When you meet a great guy, be smart, but try not to compare this situation to the last one. This new guy is not the last guy that hurt you. If this guy wants to do nice things for you, be a lady and allow him. Don't assume he's keeping score and will hold it over your head later. If you don't feel comfortable with him buying big ticket items, that's totally understandable. But wait for him to open the door for you. Wait for him to reach for the dinner bill.

There is nothing wrong with showing a good guy you appreciate him.

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