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.... It's basically a circumstance trying ta hold you down.
And those obstacles can take many forms. These are a few of mine.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Book Review: Men Don't Heal, We Ho'

I'm reading this book right now, called "Men Don't Heal, We Ho" by Steven James Dixon. His grammar is all over the place, here is the jist of what he said:

  • Men will say anything to get a piece of ass 
  • Men who are in a divorce and loved their wife will go through a ho-ing phase 
  • Men will tell you point blank they cant commit and you will still think you can change them 
  • Men cheat on their wives when they stop fantasizing about having sex with her 
  • If a married man gets divorced and really loves his wife, he will always love her 
  • Men are sensitive and do cry, although not often. 
  • Do not get with a man that is still in love with the last girl, they will fuck without letting you into their heart 
  • Women hear what they want to hear 
  • Never try to make a man fall in love with you,especially if he says he cant commit 
  • Men ho to mask pain 
  • Men treat you sweet as vindication, so you can say, that bitch was crazy for leaving you 
  • Interview new prospects, keep your options open, do not date or obsess on one man 
  • Men watch who you hang with as a character analysis of who you are 
  • Build a firm friendship first, so they respect you before they sleep with you 
  • Let them know they are being evaluated, and tell them to do the same 
  • Really listen--- show attention for what they say 
  • Men size you up for financial potential, career goals, family life 
  • Put God first and the man second 
  • Men recognize a ho by her ho-conversations 
  • Men are visual, they do not think about finding a wife when they see you, they only visualize you naked. 
  • When men say "Do you and see others", they are not emotionally connected to you, you are their ho. 
  • Men make sure the girl has at least one cute friend so their boy can hit 
  • Men will invite many prospects to the same party 
  • Do not get into competition over a man, none of you really win 
  • Do not approach men. Men only reserve their mack game for 5- star chicks 
  • Know when you are the rebound 
  • The only reason they marry is for sex and kids 
  • Doing nice things for you means I like you for now, you are cool now, not I want to spend my life with you 
  • 5 Success factors: Commitment, Communication, Trust, Respect, Love 
  • Men are broken from their fathers, and they are the only ones that can heal them
  • Never put all your eggs in one basket, and never give up complete dating power 
  • If a man knows you like him, he has the power to make you wait while he pursues others and will reject you if you make your true feelings known and hes not on the same page 
  • Men like a challenge 
  • Women try to figure out what men mean that to hear what he said. You can either: accept, reject it, or reject and keep the relationship as is until you find better 
  • I cant be in a relationship now= He will never be in a relationship with you 
  • I need to get my money right before we can get married= Im cheating, keeping options open, buying time because you are wifey material 
  • I love you, not in love with you= He doesn't love you, and is surprised that he likes you this much 
  • Its not you, its me= he is not ready, not worthy and not wanting you 
  • Oh, that girl is just a friend= she is just like you 
  • Im going out of town, cant talk until Monday = I have an out of town chick, don't call 
  • I have to work on Valentines day= I'm hiding out at the crib from all of you 
  • I have to find myself=Im fucked up, trying to make you leave, you should have left long time ago 
  • I need a friend=you deserve better 
  • Show off your skills besides sex 
  • Make sure your house is cleaner than his 
  • If you have a good man, quit complaining about how he does chores 
  • Have sex four times a week, and surprise him 
  • Stroke your mans ego 
  • Men don't commit because its too much work and have to give up freedom 
  • Establish upfront that you are a ho, a girlfriend, or a wife type 
  • If you are having a hard time getting a man to commit, you are either, desperate, in denial, or dumb 
  • Men date multiple women because they are in no rush to marry 
  • Do not tell a man you love them, show them: you have to know them well for them to love you, their love has to mean something to you, cherish and make him earn your love 
  • Women will have sex with you before they even cook for you 
  • Do not play games, state you intentions, men are evaluating from day one: Can I break my word with her, what will she put up with, is she the type of woman I can lie to, can I get away with disrespecting her, does she want to believe what I say or is she evaluating me 
  • You cannot gain respect once its lost, move on 
  • Do not listen to his words, they come from his mind, trust your instincts to tell when he's lying 
  • Men keep testing the line until they find your true boundary 
  • Men say they will call back to get off the phone 
  • When we first meet you, we don't care about your character. You are a ho, until you can show skills that promote you to girlfriend. You stay there until you prove you are worth marrying.
What do you think about what he said?

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