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.... It's basically a circumstance trying ta hold you down.
And those obstacles can take many forms. These are a few of mine.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Recognize the Harvest Season

For some people, they climb Mount Everest, and the trek is so arduous, they spend all their time just putting one foot in front of the other. Their gaze is down, and they are focused on just surviving and not losing their footing. 

Planting one foot in front of the other is good. Walk enough steps, and you will finally reach the top. 

But don't forget the journey. The scenery along the way. The fact that there are less than 1000 people out of 6 billion that have ever climbed this path or seen this glorious sight before, perched on top of the world. 

When you leave your planting season, remember to stop and enjoy the fruits of harvest and give thanks. Don't just say, 'Oh, there's so much more work to be done.' Sure, that's fine. There will always be work, as long as you have breath and can plan new goals. But recognize the harvest. Recognize when you've arrived. It's important to acknowledge harvest, so you can feel a sense of completion and celebration, before you take on more. 

Learn to be content with today. Yesterday is gone, and it coulda woulda shoulda been so much mo' betta. Tomorrow never exists except in concept. All you have is continuing states of NOW, so you might as well learn to be happy in them. Not as you can be, but as you are RIGHT NOW. There is no happiness and perfection in the future, there is only happiness in the moment. 

I am grateful for the harvest season. I have toiled and come up on some rocks in the ground. But I kept plowing and turning over the soil. I mixed in some fertile top soil and used my tools of pivoting, and retelling, and moving up the scale, and rampages of appreciation, and focus wheels. 

I started in a rough place that I previously believed couldn't be cultivated. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to be start a new life without him. I knew I wasn't happy with how I was being treated. I pulled out weeds of doubt, guilt, manipulation. And I sowed in seeds of faith, joy, appreciation, expectancy, and hope. 

Every now and then I would fall into a little sinkhole, big enough for my foot. My ex husband would make it difficult for me, or finances would get me down, or fighting to stay in the house would seem impossible. But I stayed enduring and paitent. 

When I focused on the negative, I got negative, and I quickly learned that I had a lot of power in the creation process. So, I learned that I needed to focus all of my energy on who I really am in my Spirit, which is joy and appreciation. I learned compassion and forgiveness, for my ex husband and for myself. Those characteristics were fully tested when I received some even more negative news about my marriage. Because I had already internalized these concepts, I was able to shift my thinking in only two days, which is quite an accomplishment! 

I learned strength and independence, two things I didn't think I could do before without him. I learned to set boundaries of respect that people cannot cross. I saved my house. I learned stillness and meditation. I learned how to get into appreciation about my career and the plans for it's future. I learned how to set goals and dream outrageous dreams and conquer them. I learned how to have fun with my friends on outings, and traveling with my sister. I now have hobbies that I love, like singing and writing. I've lost 14 pounds of my 40 pound goal and counting! I even learned how to love myself and replace those feelings on loneliness and be the love I seek. I even know how to inspire others to do the same. 

Now, I am in harvest. I have learned to appreciate where I have come from, love who I am now in the moment, and get excited about who I am becoming. I am open to the new journeys that lie ahead with exhuberant enthusiam. I look forward to more 'teachable moments' to use my tools. I look forward to being single. I look forward to being a healthier mother with some life skills and examples to pass down. I look forward to being a better daughter, and sibling. And I truly think I am a better spiritual person for this journey and a better friend. I think I will be a better companion too, when that comes. 

All of this transformation, from April to December. Less than a year, and at times it was moving so rapidly. At other times, a snail's pace. But I appreciate it all and everyone in it. 

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